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  • TMJ Package Options

  • There are three options from which to choose for TMJ dysfunction treatment:

    1. Pay as you go.This option allows you to pay for each consultation, each testing procedure, each treatment and each physical modality as needed.

    2. Limited dysfunction package - $3700 ($1000 savings). For a period of six months, this option includes all consultation appointments, all diagnostic records fees, daytime and nighttime appliances (except appliances for sleep apnea), repairs to appliances (except lost appliances) for (6) six months, up to (6) six office visits, (2) two doses of prolotherapy and low level laser to the TMJs (other areas not included), $200 of physical therapy, and 30 day supply of condition-specific supplements.

    3. Unlimited TMJ dysfunction package - $4800 (over $1500 savings).Same as above, plus for a period of (6) six months, unlimited office visits, unlimited physical therapy (estim, frequency specific microcurrent, low level laser therapy, massage (head and neck), moist heat therapy, spray and stretch cold therapy, ultrasound), and supplements for six months.

    NOTE:There is no refund for unused treatments or supplements.

    NOTE:None of the packages include Phase II treatment.

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