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Ceramill technology produces very precise results

 Ceramill in Bountiful, UT

If you are a candidate for dental crowns or dentures, we will need to make digital impressions of your teeth before fabricating your custom teeth. We use Ceramill technology to produce high-quality teeth and the system allows us to create fabrications with great precision and a high aesthetic appeal. The Ceramill system with TRIOS intramural scanner is a valuable technology that is only available at select practices.
The Ceramill2 is a five-axis CAD/CAM milling machine that cuts resin, zirconia, or ceramic for dental restorations and appliances. Ceramill2 technology allows Dr. Wall and his staff to create crowns, inlays, and bridges with astounding precision and aesthetic detail. After images are captured by the CARESTREAM digital impression scanner, the images are transferred to our digital in-house lab. The crown, onlay, inlay or bridge is designed and nested, then the digital information is sent to the Ceramill2 for direct milling.

 Benefits of Ceramill  Technology

The Ceramill intramural scanner and technology offers several advantages to our practice and laboratory. We have immediate visual control of the preparation and impression of the teeth when using this system. The Ceramill TRIOS system consistently produces high-quality impressions, regardless of the indication. We have an all-in-one machine in house that takes digital impressions, makes a digital model of the teeth, and a milling machine that can build from the mold right away.

Other benefits include:

  • High level of precision
  • Optimum fabrication procedure
  • More time for the patient
  • High-quality digital impressions
  • True color scanning for more definition
  • Easy integration

Quality Digital Impressions for Crowns and Dentures

Digital impressions made using the Ceramill TRIOS system save the patient time and increases the patient’s comfort level. There is no need to make traditional impression materials so this means less time spent in the chair. You can see your impressions right away while sitting in the dental chair, and the high level of precision with this technology reduces the risk of errors. We can take a quick scan of the teeth to produce high-quality dental crowns and dentures relatively quickly. Digital impressions can also be taken to take a closer look at the bite and make changes if needed.

Digital dentistry using the Ceramill system offers many benefits to the patient and the practice. If you are deemed to be a candidate for dental crowns or dentures, we may need to take digital impressions using the Ceramill TRIOS system. Learn more about Ceramill during your consultation.

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