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Joint Vibration Analysis

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Friction creates stress, as well as tiny vibrations. We can measure stress by analyzing vibrations.

 Joint Vibration Analysis in  Bountiful, UT

Have you ever noticed that if you rub two smooth surfaces together, there is very little friction? However, when you rub two rougher surfaces together, the friction causes both the surfaces to vibrate. The same is true for the joints in the body, including the jawbone.

By using advanced joint vibration analysis, Dr. Judson Wall and his team at Dental Solutions, Inc., can determine if your TMJ (jaw joint) is functioning normally. Joints are not supposed to be noisy, and noise in the jaw joint could likely indicate pathology, or a functional problem that is contributing to head and neck pain. The joint vibration analysis helps us determine if your jaw joints need attention.

Are You Living with Chronic Jaw Pain?

Are you one of the 75% of Americans (statistic from the ADA) that have some type of jaw joint disorder? Do your jaws click or pop? Do you have headaches? Do your jaws hurt? Treatment for these problems can only begin after a correct diagnosis is made. The joint vibration analysis helps Dr. Wall determine the correct diagnosis.

How Joint Vibration Analysis Works

The joint vibration analysis involves wearing an apparatus that is very similar to headphones. This is connected to a computer terminal that captures sound vibrations. After less than 60 seconds, we have captured the vibratory signature of your TMJ. This signature is then compared to a database of healthy and diseased joint sounds. This information, combined with other diagnostic data aids Dr. Wall in making a correct diagnosis of your jaw joints.



Why Joint Vibration Analysis Is the Best Way to Diagnose TMJ

  • JVA screening outputs raw data, not human interpolation, about vibration in the jaw joint
  • JVA data is digitally stored, and can be compared to other data obtained after treatment to assess improvement
  • Combined with mandibular tracking, JVA data gives a clear picture of when the parts of the TMJ are out of position
  • JVA is one of the most state-of-the-art ways to diagnose TMJ




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