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TwinLight Periodontal Treatment

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 TwinLight Periodontal  Treatment in Bountiful, UT

If you are one of the many people suffering from periodontal disease, you should know about TwinLight Periodontal Treatment. Research has shown that laser periodontal treatment is significantly more effective than traditional ultrasonic scaling treatment, especially in deep pockets.* This gum disease treatment is revolutionary in that it uses light-based technologies to clean and disinfect the areas between the gums and teeth where bacteria form. There are no drills or scalpels used with TwinLight, making it a safe, comfortable option for patients of all ages. No wonder Dental Solutions, Inc., patients love it!

*Journal of Periodontology 2007, “Effects of Er:YAG laser compared to ultrasonic scaler”: 1195-1200

What is TwinLight Treatment?

TwinLight gum disease treatment is a minimally invasive therapy that uses two laser wavelengths. This approach creates optimal conditions for healing by:

  1. Removing Diseased Epithelial Lining
  2. Destroying Harmful Pathogens and Materials
  3. Sealing the Pocket After Treatment

TwinLight gum disease treatment leaves treating periodontal disease with a scalpel in the past.

TwinLight works during Laser Gum Surgery, Too

The TwinLight equipment used at Dental Solutions, Inc., is perfectly suited for your laser gum surgery needs. The laser gently cleans the periodontal pockets, and then promotes healing of the gums. This encourages the gums to snugly protect the teeth. If the gums have been damaged due to long-term, untreated gum disease, the laser can further become a useful tool to move gum tissues into new locations so teeth are better covered.


Benefits of TwinLight

  • More comfortable dental procedures and treatment of gum disease.
  • Better outcomes for patients due to more precise cleaning.
  • Fewer complications at site of gum disease, such as bleeding or swelling.
  • Lowered risk of infections thanks to the antiseptic properties of the laser.
  • Better aesthetic and functional results.

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