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Digestion Review

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 Digestion Review in Bountiful, UT

Did you know that as soon as you put food or liquid into your mouth, the digestion process begins? Your teeth, gums and tongue are the first part of digestion. WHAT you eat affects not only your body, but also has a direct affect on your teeth and gums.

Your Lagging Digestion Could be Negatively Affecting Your Oral Health

Do you feel bloated after eating? Do you have frequent reflux? Do you feel poor several hours after eating? Are you frequently looking for a snack to give you some quick energy? Do you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep? All of these symptoms are signs that the digestion is likely not functioning properly, and/or the foods you are eating are not agreeing with you. As your digestion has a direct effect on your teeth (poor digestion makes the mouth more acidic, which leads to tooth decay), Dr. Wall is very concerned about WHAT you are ingesting, HOW you are digesting WHAT you are ingesting, and HOW WELL you are absorbing what you are digesting

During your first visit, you will answer many questions about your digestion. Dr. Wall will use your responses to gauge your level of digestion and how it relates to your oral health. Appropriate changes will be recommended.

Please visit the Weston Price Foundation for more information about what Dr. Wall considers a healthy diet

Take Care of Your Mouth, and Your Stomach Will Thank You!

Dental Solutions, Inc., recommends that all children and adults take care of their teeth regularly by:

  • Eating healthy foods. Fruits and vegetables are excellent tools to helping your teeth stay strong and cleaner.
  • Chewing food slowly and trying not to gulp down large bites.
  • Getting all dental problems (e.g., bleeding gums, cavities, plaque build-up, misaligned bite, dry mouth, TMJ, ill-fitting crowns or fillings, non-functioning dentures) treated or remedied as soon as possible.
  • Using a mouthwash that is alcohol-free.

 Patient Testimonial

For the past 20 years, I’ve battled severe heartburn. I couldn’t eat anything after 7PM; and if I did, I could count on having severe heartburn later that night. Sometimes my heartburn was so bad that it would wake me up at night. On multiple occasions, I have propped myself up on pillows in bed in order to sleep “sitting up”. It was terrible! I saw a number of medical doctors for my heartburn. I was prescribed multiple heartburn medications—including prescription Nexium. I even underwent a series of clinical tests on my upper gastrointestinal tract, including a Barium x-ray. Some of the medications helped, but I was always battling the side effects of the medication. It was the worst! Dr. Wall has been my dentist for the past 15 years. He’s been great! We always talk about my entire health during my visits—not just my dental health. About 8 years ago, Dr. Wall suggested that we remove all of the metal (Amalgam) fillings from my teeth. He also suggested that we remove a silver cap that I had had in my mouth for 30 years. I am absolutely AMAZED with the results! Dr. Wall removed all of the metal from my mouth and replaced the Amalgam filings with a composite resin. Physically, I felt better the very day that my last metal filing was removed. And, my heartburn is gone! I just don’t have it anymore. I haven’t changed my eating habits; it’s just gone. Now, I can eat late if I want to. I can also eat things that I would’ve never eaten before (i.e., drinking a soda with a steak for an evening meal). And, I don’t wake up with heartburn anymore—ever! Thank you Dr. Wall!

-Marc M., Age 46, Highland, Utah

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