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 Teaching and Courses


One of Dr. Wall’s passions is sharing information. As a result, he has designed and built a facility that encourages continued learning. Each course is limited to a dozen participants so maximum interaction can be achieved.Please call our office for more information.

Dr. Wall regularly provides training on the following topics:

  • Holistic dentistry
  • Nutrition and digestion
  • Dental infection diagnosis and eradication
  • Zirconia implant planning, placement, preparation and restoration
  • TMJ disorder diagnosis and therapy
  • Obstructive sleep apnea therapy
  • Laser dentistry
  • Physical modalities for treatment of craniofacial pain
  • Cavitation diagnosis and treatment
  • Ozone therapy
  • Cone beam computed tomography
  • Digital impressions and CAD/CAM restorations
  • Neural therapy
  • Gardening and home nutrient production
  • Prolotherapy
  • Digital printing

 Course Schedule


January 29-30, 2021
Diagnostics, Consultation, and Administration

Mar 19-20, 2021
TMJ and Modalities

April 30-May 1st, 2021
Cavitations, Root Canals, Zirconia Implants

Jul 29-31st, 2021
Lasers in Dentistry

Sep 17-18th, 2021

Oct 22-23rd, 2021
Orthodontics and Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Nov 12-13th, 2021
Digital Impressions, CAD/CAM, Restorative

Please call Cheryl for reservations 801-298-1812 or email Dr. Wall at or visit for more information

Class size limited to 18 dentists

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