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Computerized Jaw Tracking

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Computerized Jaw Tracking in Bountiful, UT

If your bite is not lined up as it should be, you may have had the experience of going to dentists who tried to help you by having you bite down on pieces of colored paper. Unfortunately, this method of diagnosing a misaligned bite is not foolproof. A better solution is a computerized jaw tracking, which is used regularly by Dr. Judson Wall at Dental Solutions, Inc. Dr. Wall utilizes this advanced technology to provide more comprehensive direction for occlusal adjustment treatment solutions.

 Your Misaligned Bite Can Lead to Serious Issues

Many people with misaligned bite problems do not think of their issues as very serious. However, a misaligned bite can lead to other dental and health-related concerns including:

  • Constant pain in the jaw area- As you unconsciously compensate for a misaligned bite, pressure and friction is put on the joint of the jaw. This pressure can lead to aching that does not go away.
  • Regular headaches- Along with the jaw pain, headaches are frequent symptoms that a proper occlusal adjustment can eliminate.
  • Cracked and loose teeth- When your bite is not aligned properly, you may put undue pressure on certain teeth. Over time, that pressure can take its toll on the integrity of the teeth.
  • Continuous cavities- If teeth do not fit well, this can lead to build-up of plaque-causing bacteria.


Instead of living with the discomfort and functionality concerns related to a misaligned bite, call Dr. Wall and his team for a consultation to discuss computerized jaw tracking treatment today

How Computerized Jaw Tracking Works

Computerized jaw tracking uses a number of technologies to properly determine the right occlusal adjustment solutions. The procedure has been shown to provide exceptional results, and is a comfortable remedy to misaligned bite problems.

First, Dr. Wall will attach tiny technological wires and magnets to the patient’s jaw and mouth area. These wires utilize transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) technology to safely and painlessly stimulate and relax the nerves around the teeth and jawbone. When the patient’s mouth is in a relaxed state, 3D images begin to develop using mandibular scanning equipment. Dr. Wall will then use these 3D images to determine how to proceed in order to help the patient obtain a more perfect bite with the help of treatments and devices.

To view computerized jaw tracking in action, please contact our office to set up a time for you to visit.


Why Computerized Jaw Tracking Is Better Than Older Methods to Fix Misaligned Bites

  • The dentist gets a 3D view of the patient’s mouth.
  • The dentist can get a clearer idea of the patient’s preferred “resting bite pattern” state.
  • Because the patient is sitting up, the jaw is in a more natural position.
  • TENS helps relax the muscles and give a more specific view of the patient’s mouth.

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