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Dr. Wall has experienced that straight smiles begin with good nutrition. For this reason, Dr. Wall follows the recommendation of the American Academy of Orthodontics that children be screened for orthodontics by age seven. Much of the time, growth and development deficiencies can be improved by modifying lifestyle, including diet and nutrition. These changes have a dramatic effect on the jaws and teeth.

Dr. Wall also uses the Damon orthodontic system for stabilizing the bite in the second phase of TMJ therapy.

Before & After Damon

Dr. Wall is a general dentist who has received extensive post graduate training in orthodontics. He has completed over 250 hours of orthodontic-specific training. Dr. Wall’s curriculum vitae

 Constricted Airways &  Orthodontics

If your child snores or is a mouth breather, for example, it is often an indication that there is an airway problem, which may be due to enlarged tonsils and/or adenoids. Why are these tissues enlarged? Many times it is due to a nutritional deficiency or food sensitivity. Address the deficiency and/or sensitivity and the tissues shrink. It is imperative that airway issues be addressed PRIOR to pursuing orthodontics.

 Open vs. Constricted  Airways

 Jaw Expansion Facts

If inadequate space exists for permanent teeth to erupt, Dr. Wall recommends expansion of jaws rather than extraction of teeth. Expansion makes more room for the tongue, which enlarges the airway, provides a more favorable jaw position, fosters good head posture and expands the cranial base. Research shows that expansion orthodontics increases the IQ (The Dental Physician, Al Fonder). Dr. Wall has treated children with dento-facial expansion who were struggling in school prior to treatment, then progressed to the honor roll near the end of treatment. Expansion can be accomplished either with fixed or removable appliances or with the Damon orthodontic system.

The Damon orthodontic system utilizes self-ligating brackets and light force wires to effortlessly move teeth and expand jaw bones. Treatment times are shortened and extractions and expansion appliances are often avoided.

Before & After Orthodontics

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