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Digital Photo Evaluation

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 Digital Photo Evaluation in Bountiful, UT

Most people expect to get x-rays at their dental appointment, but our patients are often surprised to learn that we supplement x-ray images with digital photos. These digital photos are taken using a highly-advanced Canon camera ideal for uncovering what is really happening in the mouth. When used in conjunction with other technology-based processes and tools, digital photo evaluation of this kind provides more precise diagnoses.

Is Your Dentist Getting the Full Picture?

Many dentists base their recommendations on what they see during the examination and on X-rays. Dr. Wall reviews EVERY patient’s photos after he has completed a thorough examination to assure he has been as thorough as possible. The digital photos are also reviewed at the consultation appointment so that you see what Dr. Wall sees.


Benefits of digital photography:

  • Seeing is believing
  • You see what is in your mouth
  • You are able to visualize proposed treatment
  • A baseline is documented for future reference and review
  • If you desire insurance reimbursement, insurance companies are more apt to cover a procedure when they see a photograph

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