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leaf icon Proper Gut Function for Optimal Oral Health

If the gut is not functioning properly, the mouth will become acidic.

When the mouth is acidic, calcium and phosphorus are pulled out of the teeth and cavities follow.

What is more concerning than the tooth decay, however, is the drop in pH that occurs systemically as a result of poor gut function.

Normally, the stomach should make up to a gallon of hydrochloric acid each day. HCL is essential for the digestion of proteins. If there is not enough HCL, food will putrefy in the stomach, which then leads to acid reflux (which will further compound the acidic environment in the mouth).

Normally, bicarbonate is produced and pumped into the bloodstream as a by-product of HCL production into the stomach. If HCL is not produced, there is no bicarbonate produced, and as a result, the systemic pH drops. When systemic pH drops, it creates a breeding ground for disease. Also, when systemic pH drops, calcium and phosphorus are pulled from the bones and from the teeth.

A recent study showed that every other American has experienced, or currently experiences some form of acid reflux (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, Mo Med. 2018 – PMID 30228725).

There are 7 things that are ESSENTIAL for the production of HCL.

  • Balanced autonomic nervous system (parasympathetic function controls HCL production)
  • Iodine
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Zinc
  • Water
  • Salt

If any one of these is lacking, HCL production will be hampered or non-existent.

Some common ailments that hinder the above nutrients and processes include:

  • Overstressing the body (infection, toxic materials, and toxic relationships, poor sleep, TMJ disorders, etc.)
  • Overconsumption of sugar
  • Consumption of trans-fats
  • Lack of EPA/DHA essential fatty acids
  • Soil depletion of nutrients and trace minerals (not enough potassium in our diets)
  • Fluoridation of water supplies (readily displaces iodine)
  • Use of heavy metals in dental fillings (amalgam)
  • Dehydration/lack of proper hydration
  • Consumption of brominated foods and beverages
  • Lack of fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet (organically grown, of course)

So the next time you feel a little heartburn, before reaching for the bottle of Tums or that purple pill, ask yourself “Why?” and look to the list of essentials to make HCL.

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