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Wavelength Technology

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Advanced Wavelength Technology for Precise Results

Laser technology provides advanced dental care for all patients

leaf icon Microcurrent Technology

Microcurrent technology is used to treat nerve and muscle pain, but also produces dramatic, positive changes to human tissue. Every tissue resonates at a certain frequency. Healthy tissues resonate differently than unhealthy tissues. Healthy frequencies are sent through unhealthy tissues to aid in the tissue’s regeneration.


Biomodulation is a proven method for reducing pain using an electrical stimulus. It is a non-invasive form of therapy that can be very effective for managing pain by stimulating the body’s release of nitric oxide, endorphins, and neuropeptides in the blood stream. Biomodulation can support the healing process by promoting blood circulation in the treated area. We may use this technology to relieve dental pain after tooth extractions and other dental procedures, promote relaxation of the neck and shoulders, reduce jaw pain, and aid in a faster recovery. Dr. Wall uses the biomodulator to aid in head and neck pain, TMJ disorders, post surgical pain and other areas that are in his scope of practice.

leaf icon Alphastim

AlphaStim is an electrical device that stimulates the “feel good” center of your brain and suppresses the “anxiety/fear” center of your brain. It is 90% effective at relieving anxiety, pain and depression. As dental treatments tend to create high levels of anxiety, the AlphaStim is perfectly suited to dentistry.
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Laser Healing

Dr. Wall utilizes many different types of lasers at Dental Solutions, Inc. Cold laser, or low level laser therapy is used safely to treat acute and chronic pain. Laser energy stimulates the body on a cellular level, signaling a healing cascade of events. Much of the time, acute pain is eliminated immediately with the use of the cold laser.

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