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 CARESTREAM Digital Imression  System in Bountiful, UT

When you are in need of a tooth crown, bridge or implant crown, we are now able to make the impression for the prosthesis digitally! No more sloppy impression material! The Trios digital impression system takes thousands of photos each second to digitally recreate your mouth. The scan is then sent to our in-house lab to be used for fabrication of your prosthesis in our Ceramill.

 View the CARESTREAM Workflow

Benefits of CARESTREAM

  • Your “Mouth” Stays In-House.
  • Your Prosthetics Are Not Outsourced to Unknown Labs/Technicians
  • Faster Turn Around, Less Time in Temporaries
  • Less Discomfort From the Impression Process.
  • Permanent, Digital Record of Your Dental Work

 CARESTREAM Before and After


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