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 Patient Testimonials

June 2023

Over the years, I’ve found some favorite dentists and have trusted their advice and compassionate care. But, along the way, my holistic awareness and desire for cutting-edge treatment options have skyrocketed. It didn’t take long to notice that my dentists and I would have to agree to disagree on certain controversial topics, such as amalgam fillings, fluoride, root canals, metal implants, and certain types of dental anesthetic. But even though I was skirting some known dangers, it’s what I didn’t know that put me at risk. Why I thought I could bypass those hot topics and still be safe in a traditional dental care setting is one of the biggest blunders in my lifetime.

All those dentists I’ve visited meant well; they genuinely believe in their standard of care dictated by the American Dental Association. But today’s traditional dental treatment protocols are not only narrow-minded, ineffective, and outdated but dangerous and extremely costly to reverse. I’ve learned the hard way and have just discovered the devastating effects of traditional dental care. My overall health is now in jeopardy, and I’m facing the cost of undoing the damage done by dentists I trusted and shouldn’t have. Hopefully, it’s reversible!

There’s light at the end of this tunnel, though. I wouldn’t have had this life-changing revelation unless I had met Dr. Wall —someone who has mastered a full-body approach to dentistry along with big heart. Having finally landed in the right dental chair is truly a gift from above. I’m so grateful! Thank you, Dr. Wall and everyone at Dental Solutions. Like the story Goldilocks and the three bears, “This one is just right.”

Niki Celine

February 2012

In July of 2008 I underwent root canal surgery on a lower molar, bringing the total root canals in my mouth to nine. Two months later I developed a constant headache, which at first was diagnosed as sinusitis (for which rounds of antibiotics were prescribed.) Along with the headache I experienced flu-like symptoms of nausea, diarrhea, weight loss, dizziness, shortness of breath and fatigue. However, unlike influenza that usually leaves in a few days, these symptoms remained.

The headache was eventually attributed to an ongoing growth on my thyroid gland—the advice given was to have a thyroidectomy. Meanwhile, the root canal procedure continued to cause pain which sent me back to the endodontist several times. He assured me that “…everything looked fine” and that it would just take time for the root canal to heal and feel comfortable.

Thyroidectomy surgery was performed during February of 2009. This relieved the months-long headache, but as I began taking the thyroid medication, it returned. I requested a change from the synthetic prescription to the more natural dessicated thyroid hormone, thinking that might be the cause. The remainder of the year was a constant readjustment of the medication. Although the headache seemed to ease over time, I still experienced flu-like symptoms.

My primary care physician proceeded to order tests (pulmonary, x-rays, blood panel, treadmill stress) in an attempt to diagnose. Each time a new test result came in he reported, “Your numbers look great…You’re just fine.”I did not feel “just fine” – every day was a struggle.

During 2010 I was fortunate to hear a radio talk show that was featuring a guest, Dr. Jerry Tennant, MD, MD(H), ND(M), a brilliant ophthalmologist and health practitioner who had become ill years ago and was forced to quit his practice. Because no one in the medical profession could help him he spent years studying alternative methods of healing in an attempt to get back to good health.

During this radio presentation a caller asked, “What if I feel miserable and the doctors cannot find anything wrong with me?” Dr. Tennant’s reply was: “If you’ve checked out everything and the medical people cannot find anything wrong, then it’s most likely a dental problem.” This statement hit me hard–it was difficult to grasp the concept that my “invisible” illness could be stemming from my mouth. I certainly did not want to accept his words. However, I was stirred into searching scientific data and anecdotal blogs—finally arriving at the conclusion that this could be the answer; and also realizing that I do have a long history of many dental problems.

The next challenge was to find a holistic dentist who could help. There were none in my immediate area. Eventually I located Dr. Judson B. Wall, DDS, FAGD, FAACP, in Bountiful, Utah (50 miles from my home) who has been trained in proper amalgam (mercury) removal, dental surgery, cavitation treatment, implants, TMJ therapy, detox methods and other disciplines.

Dr. Wall performed a thorough exam and found that I not only had many root canals and amalgam fillings (of which I was aware) but also different types of metals in my teeth, TMJ deviations and a cavitation which he discovered later. He prepared a treatment plan and explained carefully what could be expected. To think that perhaps this person could rescue me from my misery was like finding a gold mine!

A few days after the procedure by Dr. Wall and his excellent assistants of removing the mercury and root canal teeth in September of 2011, I began to feel a sense of well being–it had been years.

I realize there are toxic residues most likely remaining in my body and am presently working in an ongoing manner to eliminate them, knowing that it could take a very long time.

How grateful I am for individuals such as Dr. Judson Wall who are so dedicated to helping others on the sometimes elusive path to good health. Thank you, Dr. Wall, for saving my life!

Annette Slade
Age: 78
Eden, Utah

January 2015

So fortunate to have been referred to Dr. Wall! Two years ago I was having some major signs and symptoms! Knew I was really ill but didn’t feel like anyone knew or especially listened to my concerns.

I still remember my first visit and it was amazing! The staff REALLY listened to my concerns! After the most thorough dental exam I have ever had – Dr. Wall (with great knowledge and expertise) diagnosed four major issues i didn’t even know I had! It has been a journey and through positive changes with teeth, crowns, cavitations, TMJ therapy, sinus/neck problems I am doing so much better now! I always have many questions/concerns–but I am confident that help will always be available at Dental Solutions!!

Have loved the ozone water and lite laser therapy-and all the great books to read in the office. Makes such a difference with healing and over-all wellness.

Age: 78
Bountiful, Utah

February 2015

I had two teeth extracted 4 days ago by Dr. Judson Wall at Dental Solutions. I have had NO PAIN at all from this procedure. Dr Wall is an amazing, truly painless dentist! Thank you Dr. Wall

Annie King

April 2019

This is the story of my health and how God helped me get through it with the help of people that care.

I started to get sick in the fall of 2013. I could not sleep and everything I ate upset my stomach. All I seemed to keep down was red Jello, and Kentucky Fried Chicken (I know it sounds weird). I was losing weight fast. The pain would get bad and I would go to the hospital and they would say nothing was wrong and send me home with pain pills.

I eventually found another Dr. that diagnosed me with a bad gallbladder. So I had it removed along with my appendix, but things did not improve much. I then discovered that I was addicted to pain pills and had to go to a specialist to get off the pain pills.

My health continued to go downhill. I felt like death was my next option. I really did not see an answer for my problem. I started to have tremors and bad dreams. My wife thought I might have Parkinson Disease.

My minister and good friend was praying with me several times a week. After one prayer time he told me of a Naturopathic Dr. that his wife was going to in Ketchum, ID. He gave me his phone number and said to pray about seeing him. My wife and I decided this was where God was sending us and we didn’t have anything to lose by seeing him. So we made the appointment to see Dr. Scott Freeborn and a new journey began. In the meantime I was still losing weight.

Dr. Freeborn ran some tests on me and gave me some supplements to try for a week. He said to call him in a couple of days. All the pills were doing was make my stomach hurt worse. After a few weeks and trying new things with Dr. Freeborn, he said he thought I might have problem with my teeth and gums. He sent me to my dentist to have panoramic x-rays done. My dentist looked at them and said I had a little infection but it was nothing to worry about.

Dr. Freeborn sent the x-rays to a specialist in Reno to have them read. The Dr. in Reno said that if this man was not sick he should be. The root canals were full of infection and there were other cavitationsin in my mouth.

All of this took place in March of 2015. Dr. Freeborn then sent me to see Dr. Wall a dental specialist in Bountiful, Utah. Dr. Wall did some testing and took pictures, and a panoramic x-ray. His diagnosis was you’re a very sick man and took time to show me all the things that were wrong in my mouth. He needed to remove all my root canals, take all my old filling out, and clean out all the infection in my gums. He wanted to get it done right away so he took me out to his receptionist, Cheryl) to make me an appointment as soon as possible. She looked at her schedule and said that they were booked up until July. Dr. Wall asked her to see if she could move some appointments around to get me in sooner, that I was not able to wait that long to have the surgery.

Cheryl went to work calling people to see if they would change their appointment so that I would be able to get in sooner. She was able to get us in the first part of April. We went to Bountiful the night before so we could be there early for surgery. Dr. Wall and his caring staff worked on my mouth for 6 hours. I had 16 of my original teeth left. It was a long road to get everything healed up and my implants put in. He told me it might take 3 to 4 years to get me back to where I was and it has been that long. .

If it wasn’t for God making the gates to open for me to see Dr. Wall, I probably would have died.

I have gained all my weight back and do not have the tremors. I thank God for putting Dr. Wall and Dr. Freeborn in my life. And for giving these Drs. the knowledge to know that bad teeth and gums can kill you. Also thank God for giving the Drs. the knowledge to see the problems and to be able to heal.

Because of all my wife and I learned through this, she has also had all of her fillings replace, the root canals taken out, gums cleaned out and implants put in.

Thank you Dr. Wall and all your caring loving staff for all they done for us.

Dwaine Meyers

February 2020

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. wall in April 2019, when a couple of friends were going for there second visit and they encouraged me to come along.. and so glad I did. I’ve been seeing a couple of dentist with some concern about infection and root canals. I had 6 root canals and they were suggesting another one and it was a front tooth.. so it was either pull the tooth or a root canal.
Prior to that, I had an infection in my eye tooth so they had to do a root canal under my crown. So I was really concerned about getting another one, I also told them I had shooting pain on my right side of my face and my vision was cloudy in my right eye, also expressed my concern again about infection in my mouth. I was sent to a couple of dentist where they did many test and ex-rays they both ensured me there was no infection. But I knew something wasn’t feeling right.

Well, my first visit to the office was just as they said it was amazing and the staff were so friendly and welcoming l was amazed at Dr. Walls calm energy and warm smile. You really got a true feeling that he cares for his patients and listen to everything I told him. He ensured me I had reason for concern. He set up the most through exam I ever had. The next day I meet him again where he explained in detail all the procedure. All of my top teeth had to be removed. He also confirmed what I already new… my mouth was full of infection.

So I filled out the necessary paperwork and 4 months later I was booked for surgery, 6.5 hours later, he came in and told me he had cleaned out all the infection there was also a piece of mercury left in one tooth from a root canal done a year prior to that.. he also removed all the root canals in the bottom and he replaced the mercury fillings. The care and attention you get after was fabulous.. loved the ozone water and laser therapy. Thank you Uno for taking the time to play a couple of tunes for me. A big thank you to Dr. Wall from the bottom of my heart for his great knowledge of dentistry and sharing it with others and referring me to the most wonderful dentures (thank you Paul for a great job on the denture) It feels great! A big thank you to his amazing staff for there patience in dealing with such a busy office and taking the time to answer my question and to have causal chats . Cheryl you are amazing at what you do. I would highly recommend Dr. Wall to anyone who is looking for a great dentist.

Helen Norman
Alberta Canada




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