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  • Sleep Appliance Package

  • The price for the oral sleep appliance package is $3700. This alternative to CPAP package includes five parts: consultations (initial and explanation of orofacial findings), diagnostic records (information necessary to custom fityour oral sleep appliance), oral sleep appliance, up to 5(five) follow up visits, and modifications to the oral sleep appliance, as needed, for 1 year. Oral sleep appliance package DOES NOT include fees incurred for: lost appliances, broken appliances due to neglect or misuse, dental treatment (fillings/crowns), or TMJ dysfunction treatment.

    1. Initial consultation appointment (1 hour)

    This is a thorough screening/review of health history and preliminary testing (airway and snore sound).

    2. Records Appointment (2 hours) - may be accomplished same day as initial consult

    Information is gathered in order to make a thorough assessment and proper plan. This includes:

    ProcedureADA CodeMed CodeCost
    Detailed Focused Evaluation-CFP016099204included
    FMX Digital Radiographs - All021070320included
    Orofacial and Posture Images035099070included
    3D Cone Beam CT Scan & Review 036070486included
    Oral Cancer Screening ID043102431included
    Diagnostic Casts047099070included
    Computerized Jaw Tracking (JT)0999JT97750included
    Computerized Joint Survey (JVA)0999JVA77077included
    Neurologic Testing0999NT95831included
    Pharyngometer (Airway)0999PR92520included
    3. Final Consultation Appointment (1 hour) - 1 wk after records

    Both the patient, patient’s spouse (if applicable), and the responsible party(s) should attend this final consultation. Atthis time, your orofacial health will be discussed, conditions will be explained, and the proposed treatment plan willbe outlined.

    4. Insertion of oral sleep appliance (30 minutes) - 2 wks after final consult

    5. Up to 5 (five) follow up visits and modifications (30-60 minutes each) - as needed

    6. Take-home sleep study to assure effectiveness of oral sleep appliance (overnight)

    Payment of Fees

    Payment for treatment is due at the time of service. Medical and/or dental insurance may reimburse you for some or all of our services. It is YOUR responsibility to obtain any reimbursement. At the conclusion of treatment, a superbill that you can send to your insurance company will be provided as a courtesy.

    By signing below, I attest that I understand and agreeto the above-listed procedures and associated fees.
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