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Modalities Consent

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 Modalities Consent

  • INFORMED CONSENT: Estim, TENS, microcurrent, LASER, Iontophoresis

  • Estim is short for electric stimulation. Electric stimulation utilizes an electrical current for therapeutic purposes. There are basically three phases of estim: 1) tetany of the muscle (fatigue/wear out the muscle) 2) reboot the muscle (similar to an operating system that has frozen), and 3) reprogramming of the muscle fibers. Estim is extremely effective where muscles have been in spasm for long periods of time and have developed trigger points (knots within the muscle). Elimination of these trigger points is the goal of estim, helping muscle fibers relax, and ultimately eliminating pain.

    TENS is an acronym for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. TENS is a low level current passed through the skin mainly for pain control. It is thought that TENS works via several pathways, including endorphin production, gate control and increased circulation.

    Microcurrent is a form of TENS, although at much lower voltage. Microcurrent has been shown to increase circulation, decrease healing time, decrease postoperative pain, increase sense of well-being and enhance cellular healing. In short, microcurrent stabilizes unstable cellular charge disparities within the body. It is a normalizing force. There are over 200 individual medical research articlesdemonstrating its effectiveness.

    Low level LASER therapy involves shining a cold laser on an affected site for purposes of pain control, tissue healing, trigger point resolution, increased ATP production, and increased circulation.

    Iontophoresis is the electrical delivery of medication via a charged solution. The small electrical current fromthe iontophoresis machine drive the medication into the tissue. Iontophoresis has been medicallly proven to be a safe and effective method of medicine delivery to deep tissue.

    This document is meant to inform you of some of the physical modalities which may be used in the treatment of your condition. Please feel free to ask any questions regarding any aspect of our physical modalities.


    Dr. Judson B. Wall and Staff Dental Solutions, Inc.

  • By signing below, I attest that I understand the risks, benefits and costs associated with the procedures outlined and explained above.

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