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Diagnostic Injections

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 Diagnostic Testing Consent

  • Informed Consent For Diagnostic Testing

  • In order to fully understand the source of a problem, it is often necessary to perform diagnostic anesthetic procedures. This may involve injecting a numbing solution into muscles and/or ligaments of the head and/or neck. The solutions we use may involve a combination of the following: lidocaine or procaine (anesthetics), sarapin (plant extract that blocks pain signals), vitamin b12, glucosamine and/or zeel (homepathic antiinflammatory).

    Some of the possible side effects that may occur with injections include: bruising, neuropathy (pain continues after anesthetic subsides), drooping of facial muscles, allergic reaction, syncope (feinting), needle breakage and/or infection. These complications are rare

    We utilize resonance frequency testing to ascertain if certain chemicals, microbes or substances are affecting your condition. This involves simple autonomic reflex testing while frequencies of such substances are held in close proximity to the area in question. There are no risks associated with resonance frequency testing.

    Structural balance testing will also be utilized to localize and prioritize your conditions.

    Without these procedures, it may not be possible to obtain an accurate diagnosis of your condition.

    This document is meant to inform you of some of the diagnostic procedures that may occur during your initial visit.

    Please feel free to ask any questions regarding any aspect of our diagnostic process.


    Dr. Judson B. Wall and Staff Dental Solutions, Inc.

  • By signing below, I attest that I understand the risks, benefits and costs associated with the procedures outlined and explained above.

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