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Biocompatibility Testing

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Could You Be Susceptible to a Metal Allergy?

Using MELISA testing, we can determine whether you are hypersensitive to metal or not.

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 Biocompatibility Testing in Bountiful, UT

In recent years, dentists across the globe have discovered that some of their patients are susceptible to developing allergies to the variety of metal substances that are typically used in a dental office. At Dental Solutions, Inc., we offer biocompatibility testing and MELISA testing to help determine if a patient has sensitivities to dental materials.  These tests help determine which materials will agree best with the patient

Is a Dental Toxicity Causing You Undue Discomfort?

Many men, women and children have a heightened sensitivity to the materials (including metals) they encounter every day. This can be anything from jewelry to dental equipment. However, they might not understand exactly why they are having allergic reactions.

Dental toxicity can lead to health problems. The solution may be to remove the materials to which a patient is sensitive, replacing them with a more biocompatible choice.

How the Biocompatibility Testing or MELISA Works

Testing for material sensitivity involves a blood screening, with blood drawn from a local lab. The test will show materials to which a patient is sensitive, much like an allergy test. The results of the test will aid Dr. Wall in choosing a material that is biocompatible for the patient.

Biocompatibility testing is safe and convenient. It can also be a relief for patients who wondered why they were having reactions every time they were at the dentist’s office. To schedule your biocompatibility test, please call us today.

 Watch Dr. Wall Perform a  Safe Mercury Removal

 Watch Dr. Wall Perform a  Safe Mercury Removal

To learn more about the importance of Biocompatibility testing read our documents from Biocomp Laboratories and MELISA Diagnostics.

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