What is PerioProtect®?

Perio Protect® is a conservative and highly effective treatment of gum disease. After nutritional deficiencies have been addressed, and after local irritants have been removed (plaque, tartar and bacteria), special molds are made of your teeth. Patented trays are fabricated to deliver hydrogen peroxide to the space between your gums and teeth (also known as pockets).

PerioProtect® in Bountiful, UT

Perio Protect® has been shown to eliminate colonies of bacteria, maintain decreased pocket depths and keep pockets clean.

The Procedure

The Perio Protect® procedure begins with a chemical therapy treatment that is applied using a tray with doctor-prescribed solutions. The chemicals are designed to debride (remove) the bacteria from the pockets around the teeth and gums.

The treatment can be performed at home, in between office visits to help manage the growth of bacteria in the pockets. Each person’s treatment will be unique, as your dentist will choose the most appropriate solution for your case. The entire treatment lasts only minutes each day and is non-invasive.

The Perio Protect® Method may be combined with scaling and root planing or surgical therapies to achieve the best possible results and to restore your mouth to lasting oral health.

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